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Jaime Tinoco OMD

Acupunture Physician

Dr. Tinoco is a highly regarded certified Oriental MD with over 25 years experience in general private practice. His specialties includes Modern and traditional Acupuncture, Nutritional Supplementation and Oriental Diagnosis and Therapy.

Using compassion and understanding, Dr. Tinoco works with the specific needs of each and every patient to map out a personalized and effective protocol.  

In addition, Dr. Tinoco has spent 15 years working with patients that have chronic drug and alcohol dependency problems and is proficient in multiple detoxification protocols. He has a high record of success in treating pain and metabolic disorders as well as modern maladies of stress and anxiety, enabling scores of patients to lead more healthy and productive lives.

​Dr. Tinoco received his MD accreditation from de University of Cartagena, Colombia and worked there several years before obtaining his Oriental Medicine degree in the United States. 

​To schedule an appointment or for further information please call 954-682-5814 or email: jtinoco2001@gmail.com